Search platform

Build better search experiences quickly

We’re here to simplify your life, so our search tools empower your organization with the most advanced search capabilities possible.

The right resource for the right patient at the right time

Finding healthcare resources that meet specific criteria is becoming ever more complex. Whether you want to help your users add their preferred pharmacy to their profiles, find the closest urgent care clinic or pinpoint a professional offering a specific service, our search platform solution will help you provide a better experience and better outcomes across the complete continuum of patient care.

Fast-track development time

Launch your search feature in a matter of days by combining Vizion's UI components with our advanced Search API built to optimize keyword-based healthcare search.

Wherever, whenever – web or mobile

Whether your project requires you to build better experiences for web or mobile, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these examples of search platforms developed with our combination of Clinia Vizion + Search API.

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"Clinia's tools have helped our product team launch a feature that is now core to the experience we provide to our users across the country. It serves patients and clinicians alike to better navigate our services, simplify online booking and facilitate access to care for all."

Matt Antolin, Director of Product

Unify your search experience

Put an end to scattered, fragmented information. Combine multiple sources of data into one unified search experience.

Geo search

Engage your users with a better location-based experience. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to build and perfect a search that’s relevant to your users wherever they are.

It’s more than just a business locator

The Clinia search platform solution is a better way to optimize your resources… and your bottom line.

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