Clinia Directory for Care Teams

Your source of truth for trusted health resources

Clinia Directory is a pre-built health resource directory for care teams and organizations to find, access, and share trusted health resources, providers, and content. Curate your own approved resource directory, optimized for your workflow and powered by our health navigation infrastructure.

Powered by Clinia infrastructure

Trusted health resources at your fingertips

Make it easy for your teams to find and access trusted health resources across the entire organization.

Manage data sources, define access roles, and create your own custom data fields to build the most effecient workflow for your teams - with no development required.

Data fabric

Unify health resources

Connect diverse datasets to create an approved and secure unified view of your health ecosystem - and the resources in your world.

Health-grade search

Find & access the right results

Help users find and access the resources, support, and care they need, when they need it - and all within your own ecosystem.

Manage trusted data & resources

Create your single source of truth

Manage your approved resources and datasets based on the needs of your organization. Connect first and third party sources to create your ideal Directory for your teams, and their patients.

Powered by clinia search

Health grade search, for your health questions

Powered by Clinia Search, each search is processed in realtime to understand detailed queries and complex health situations, and built to provide the right results, at the right time.

Powerful and easy to use with suggested queries, typo tolerance, customizable filters, map view and support for multiple languages.

Optimize your own resources

Level up corporate knowledge into your directory

Build on existing resource data with custom fields, or contribute edits within your private workspace. Refine and develop your own resource catalog optimized for use across individual teams, or your entire organization.

Multilingual support

Clinia Directory currently supports English and French, with more languages and localizations in development.

Filters & facets

Find what you need with customizable filtering for location, services, categorization, and more.

Map view

Searching in a specific location? Review results arranged on a local map view to quickly find the most relevant resource.

Typo tolerance

Deliver highly-relevant results, regardless of user errors or misspellings, with built-in advanced processing and matching algorithms.

Query suggestions

Provide accurate and relevant query recommendations in real time, built on likely match, service category, historical, and conversion data.

Support your care teams with your approved health resources