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Chapter 1

From marketing agency to health-tech company

It all started in an apartment in downtown Montreal, Québec, in 2015.

Simon, Félix and Etienne met at StartupFest 2015. They got together as part of a Digital Health Hackathon and used this event to bond together on a specific project. The chemistry was there from day one and they realized their skills were really compatible.

Felix and Etienne were still at school finishing their degrees but soon, they all started working nights and weekends on building a marketing agency with a specialty in helping medical clinics and professionals; they liked the industry and wanted to make a positive difference.

After a couple months, a few great website launches and too many hours spent in coffee shops, they needed office space.

So, they all committed to working for one full year without any salary. Bold move. They were all living on their savings. Money was tight.

One morning Simon got an idea. He would turn his living room into their first office. So, he rented a U-Haul truck, moved everything out of his living room and moved the office stuff in. He even went to a local woodshop and hand-made a bespoke conference table for their new digs.

Months passed and they all became obsessed with untangling the complexity of the healthcare ecosystem, more precisely, they focussed on a specific goal: finding the right resource for the right patient at the right time.

Up until that day, they’d been serving clients under the company The Marketing Butler but the branding didn't fit with their new endeavour: a marketplace for healthcare resources.

Maclinique was born.

The concept was simple, they would aggregate a directory of healthcare resources for specific needs: radiology clinics, dentists, chiropractors, etc. Yellow Pages existed, it had millions of monthly users, but it wasn't quite what they had in mind.

So, they created a brochure (see image) and started cold calling, pre-selling ad space to clinics on a platform that would be launched a couple of months later.

From that point on, they had found what they’d be working on for years to come. What started out as a seemingly simple project soon revealed itself to be more complicated than anticipated.

Chapter 2

From maclinique, to Clinia

Initially launched under the name maclinique.com, the site began acquiring visitors organically.

Professionals and clinics could create their own profiles, showcasing their services to the world, while helping patients make sense of the healthcare-resource options available.

For various reasons, they had to change branding over the years but one constant remained: traffic was growing. Patients were demanding that type of structured information. In the span of three years, they grew from 100 unique visitors per month to 85,000 UV/month, without spending a dollar in advertising.

Over time, they became more interested in getting involved at the root of the system, in becoming a bigger, better player in the healthcare ecosystem. Their website was cool, but the solution laid deeper within the system.

Over the years, they made many changes but the most important one was deciding to redirect all traffic to a new platform that would live on its own (gowell.ca). Having done that, they refocussed their tech efforts on optimizing their healthcare search platform to improve patient journeys and foster better outcomes.

Today, Clinia is a technology company developing a suite of solutions to empower care teams, developers and patients alike to build their own search experiences so they can find the resources they need in a far better, more efficient manner.

In the words of the founders themselves… “6 years in, and we’re still only at the beginning of a very exciting journey, furthering our mission of generating greater solidarity to help create a better healthcare ecosystem worldwide.”

The Clinia Team

Simon, Félix & Etienne