Health navigation infrastructure

Powering your personalized digital health navigation

Leverage Clinia’s health-grade technology to build clinically-personalized digital health experiences that help your users find and access the right resources, at the right time.

Complete your digital health experience

Our modular approach brings together all the building blocks you need to easily implement and deploy health-grade personalized navigation into your experience - fully built from the ground up for the demands of health.

Data fabric

Unify health resources

Connect diverse datasets to create an approved and secure unified view of your health ecosystem - and the resources in your world.

Health-grade search

Find & access the right results

Help users find and access the resources, support, and care they need, when they need it - and all within your own ecosystem.

Health-grade apis & sdks

Health navigation, ready to deploy

Clinia’s infrastructure-first approach makes it easy for health organizations to deliver their own personalized health navigation experience. Our powerful and flexible health-grade APIs and prebuilt UI SDKs and components are purpose built and easy to deploy into your ecosystem.

Clinical Personalization at scale

Make every health journey an individualized experience

Leverage first party health and demographic data in real time to deliver a personalized health navigation experience that facilitates individualized access to care.

Scalable, secure, and built for health

Health solutions for health needs

We’ve built Clinia specifically for the exacting needs and rigorous demands that our health requires. And rest assured, this extends to health-grade security and enterprise compliance, including SOC2 compliance and FHIR compatibility.

Implementation designed for developers

Build world-class health-grade applications

Build fast, deploy faster

RESTful APIs & prebuilt UI SDKs make it straightforward & simple to add personalized health navigation into your own application or experience.

Put your data to work

Flexible data connectors allow ingestion, processing & standardizing of diverse data sources to create a unified and secure system of record.

Health-AI at the core

Our Health-AI augments and enriches datasets, and deliver better search results with contextual understanding and matching.

What can you build with Clinia?

Whether it’s inside a member mobile app, a provider portal, or a resource library for internal care teams, Clinia’s flexible infrastructure can power your health navigation experience.

For Patients & Members

Self-guided Navigation

Help users find and access the resources, support, and care they need, all within your own ecosystem.

For Providers

Provider Registry

Create a streamlined and secure way for providers within your PPN to manage and update their details.

For Care Teams

Centralized Directory

Equip your care team with a single source of truth to find, access, and share approved health resources across your organization.

Add personalized health navigation to your experience today