Dialogue launches its in-app patient search experience

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Dialogue launches its in-app patient search experience. It's a big deal, here's why:

Enhanced access to care for their patients

Acccessible directly via the Dialogue app or online, patients can easily find any healthcare resource across Canada with the "Find a Health Resource" tab. Patients will now be able to search for the closest, most convenient provider on their own time or connect directly with a care team member if they need more assistance 24/7. One more way to provide a better access to care for their clients.

Quick time-to-market for their product team

1- Complete control over the experience

The product team had complete control over the experience they wanted to build, without the hassle of managing all the intricacies of a healthcare search experience. Clinia provided the UX/UI guidelines as well as all necessary components to build an in-app custom healthcare search experience. It was as easy as plug-and-play for the developer and design team!

2- Integrate all data sources

The Dialogue care team uses Clinia Directory to build, manage, collaborate and augment their database on a daily basis. The cloud healthcare directory enables their extensive distributed team to keep the most up-to-date database active to optimize searches for them as well as their patients.

3- 100% whitelabel, on all devices

Clinia's whitelabel widgets are available for mobile devices and web applications creating a seamless product experience on any device.

If you're interested in learning more about Clinia's suite of healthcare navigation solutions contact sales@clinia.com.

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