COVID-19 Screening and Testing Centers

A comprehensive API to access the most up-to-date information on healthcare resources dedicated to COVID-19 in Canada.
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Government approved facilities and resources

Clinia created the testing and screening locations directory with data from public health departments across the country. This directory provides an aggregated list of testing & screening sites by city and province. For each site, patients can easily identify if the location requires an appointment, a medical referral or accepts walk-ins.

Physical testing site

A complete list of assessment locations with the following information: name, complete address, phone number for appointments, patient requirements, appointment and referral requirements, opening hours, description, services and more.

COVID help lines

A list of province specific phone numbers for questions related to COVID-19: name, province coverage, phone number, instructions, opening hours.

Online self assessment tools

Online tools providing self-assessment forms: name, province coverage, website.

Daily Update

Clinia's team is updating all COVID-19 information on a daily basis to help you provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to your users.

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Clinia's team has been working tirelessly to build this API for the community. We will continue to maintain it in the months to come and keep adding new resources made available to the public. We hope you'll make good use of it!





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