Latest Updates - 2022

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February 15, 2022

Last year, we asked for feedback from our users on ways we can improve the Directory. We've taken all your comments on board, and we're excited to announce some new features to help supercharge your productivity and enhance the patient experience.

Managing services and overspecializations

Instead of being added directly to a resource, services and overspecializations are now located under their corresponding parent! This change was added to better represent the hierarchical nature of health sectors, professions, services and overspecialization, and to allow users to enter additional information on specific health services if necessary.

Search with body parts, conditions or symptoms

Search queries which reference specific body parts, conditions or symptoms are now understood and will return relevant and related health resources.

This is possible thanks to the latest version of our medical knowledge graph. Manually curated by our domain experts, it allows us to deliver you more relevant results and less failed searches.

Improved resource creation wizard

We know creating resources accurately and efficiently is crucial. We streamlined and simplified the resource creation process to gather only the most important information. Once the resource is live, additional attributes can be added to the resource if necessary.

Refreshed interface and map updates

We value your feedback and want to make Directory an optimal tool for all. With that in mind, we did a major overhaul of our user interface to optimize performance, reduce friction and eliminate UI/UX incongruities (a.k.a. nasty little bugs). This is part of our ongoing effort to make our users happy!

Keep an eye on upcoming features!

This is just the beginning of what we have planned for you in 2022. In the upcoming weeks, be on the lookout for these awesome new features:

  • Improved filters so you can narrow down your searches and find the best resource for any situation.
  • Service areas for resources, so you can quickly identify whether your patient can be treated by a specific resource.
  • Custom field creation - the ability to personalize the Directory with information that is important to your organization.

March 16, 2022

We’ve implemented two new ways for you and your team to quickly find the resources they are looking for: Area Served, and Additional Filters.

A new way to search for resources: based on the area they serve

In addition to a resource physical address, you can now specify multiple geographic areas where a resource offers its services - the Area Served. This new attribute is useful for resources that serve large areas: multiple cities, regions or even entire provinces.

This is particularly useful when searching with location restrictions (eg postal code or city), as resources with corresponding areas served will show up in the results, even if they don’t have a physical address!

Adding Area Served To A Resource

By specifying Area Served, you mark a resource as being available in the specified locations.

Areas Served are available on resource types including Clinic, Community Resource, Pharmacy and Rehabilitation Center.

To add Area Served to a new resource:

  1. Click on the bottom left corner “+” icon to create a resource
  2. Choose the resource you wish to add and complete the relevant fields
  3. In the section “Area Served”, select the 1 or more service areas that apply
  4. Hit save!

For existing resources, the user can click on the resource card to see a quick preview and add additional service areas if needed.

Additional Filter Options

We have also introduced new filters to help you quickly narrow down your search results.

  • Range: Specify the distance in KM by entering a value or by using a sliding scale
  • Booking Capabilities: Selecting this filter will narrow the resource down to those who offer online booking and in the quick preview the user will be able to click on the link for booking
  • New Patients: If searching for a resource accepting new patients, this will narrow the results for the user

New unified layout

The Create new resource action has moved from the top right of your screen, to the bottom left. This new layout will allow all products across the Clinia ecosystem to offer a similar experience. Keep your eyes out for new options coming soon in the new side menu!