Product Update - April 7, 2021

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Improved Search Engine at your service!

The Clinia Search Engine is integral to the Clinia experience. This is why we are excited to announce our new search capabilities:

  • Improved semantic search
  • Improved query suggestions
  • Spell-checking algorithm

We have been hard at work adding health care resources so you and your team can find what you need when you need!

Read on to learn more about these new improvements.

New and Improved Search Capabilities

What does this update mean for you?

Improved Semantic Search

This update includes the ability for the search engine to better understand searches semantically. This means that we are better able to identify concepts based on our curated taxonomy allowing us to provide similar results for cross-language queries (eg: radiology vs radiologie), business names and related terms/synonyms.

Improved Query Suggestions

The engine is also now using a language detection algorithm that allows us to better understand user queries and consistently improve our results. With this, you will also notice improvements to the query suggestions related to your search to help you find the resources you need.

Spell-checking Algorithm

Historically, we had typo-tolerance in our search engine but we are pleased to announce that in addition we now have a spell-checking algorithm that can identify errors and correct them with the right terms instead of relying on normalization strategies. This will allow you to search and find what you are looking for despite typos or spelling errors.


All these improvements were done while maintaining the same speed and response time you have come to depend on.

New Data Packages

Our focus over the past few months has been adding Canada-wide data to facilitate access and navigation for COVID-19 resources. We partnered with provincial governments to bring accurate information on vaccination rollout across provinces. We also focused our efforts on medical clinics including walk-in clinics as well as an emphasis on capturing physiotherapy clinics.

If you and your team require specific data points, email us here to let us know. We’ll do the work to find them so you don’t have to!

Any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you!

Looking forward to contributing to your success!

The Clinia team