Product Update - January 11, 2021

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Let's kick-off the year with some exciting new features!

The whole Clinia team is excited to share some product updates with you! You asked and we listened: editable private internal notes are here! You can now edit and add private notes on read-only resources, these notes will remain private for you and users within your workspace.

We are equally excited about the additional updates on:

  • Overspecializations on professional resources
  • Specializations are now also available on community resources
  • Regional searches are available for searches in Quebec
  • Continuing to optimize our Taxonomy

We have also been tinkering on some bug fixes to make your overall experience using Clinia as smooth as possible.

Read on to learn more about these new features and improvements.

Editable Private Internal Notes

You can now add and edit private notes on Clinia read-only resources. These notes can be found at the bottom of read-only resources and will remain private for you and users within your workspace. These notes will not be appended to the resources when shared and will not be shared with Clinia. This will allow you to continue to rely on Clinia’s databases while privately adding relevant notes.


To help provide even more information on professionals, we have added an additional field that allows you to add a specialist’s overspecialization via a drop down this field will be displayed under the profession on the resource preview.

If you notice a missing overspecialization, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Community Resource Specialization

Specializations are now available for Community Resources.

Quebec: Search by Region

You can now search for resources by Region, eg: Mauricie, Montérégie, etc. The other provinces and territories will soon follow - stay tuned!

Taxonomy Improvements

We continued the improvements to our Taxonomy with a focus on the addition of more overspecializations. This will facilitate search by both physician specialties and health conditions. We’ve also been actively adding in related terminology (ie. synonyms, etc.) to help yield a wider range of search results. We specifically did so for oversaturated specialties such as Family Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Physiotherapy and Psychology

Looking forward to contributing to your success!

The Clinia team