Product Update - May 6, 2021

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New features for an improved experience

At Clinia, we know that finding the right resource at the right time is what makes your day even better. Which is why we are excited to share this month's Directory improvements with you:

  • Neighbourhood, City and Administrative Region tags
  • Last updated information on read-only resources
  • Professionals appear on the map
  • Search by phone and fax number

Read on to learn more about these new improvements.

Directory Improvements

Search Clarity with Neighbourhood, City and Administrative Region Tags

This update includes a tag in the location drop down indicating whether the location suggestions are neighbourhoods, cities or administrative regions.

Last Updated Information on Read-Only Resources

Clinia’s read-only resources are automatically updated and we have added a note indicating when the information was last updated. We check this information so you don’t have to.

Professionals appear on the map

Searching for professionals is easier than ever! Professional pins now appear on the map alongside physical resources (clinics, hospitals, etc) so you can tell exactly how far a patient will have to go - and if there are any other options closer by to recommend.


Search by phone and fax number

You can now search in Clinia using a phone or fax number!

If you and your team require specific data points, email us here to let us know. We’ll do the work to find them so you don’t have to!

Looking forward to contributing to your success!

The Clinia team