Search, built for health

Deploy Clinia Health-grade Infrastructure to deliver personalized digital health workflows and experiences, and help your users find the right response, at the right time.
Powering millions of TRUSTED heaLth journeys EACH year

Health-grade solutions designed to optimize health workflows

Built for the demands
of health
Built for the demands of health
Engineered for the rigorous demands that our health requires, with enterprise compliance, including SOC2 and FHIR compatibility.
Modular & scalable,
with tooling to match
Modular & scalable, with tooling to match
Our infrastructure & tooling allows rapid deployment within your ecosystem, optimized for your use case, requirements, and scale.
Future-proof your
health apps & workflows
Future-proof your health apps & workflows
Our clients rely on us to deliver performant search today, powering the branded patient experiences and essential clinical workflows of tomorrow.
Clinia platform

A powerful and flexible health search stack to supercharge your health applications & experiences

AI-powered workflows & experiences, delivered straight to your users

Clinia provides you the tools to easily manage your trusted content, resources, and data from across your organization, with a customizable Health-grade Search to power efficient and accurate search experiences inside your application or portal.
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The right health response, at the right time

Deploy health-grade keyword, semantic, or generative search inside your application, portal, or experience.
Health-specific natural language search
Deliver accurate health results, regardless of how the query is phrased or keywords used.
Search on health content inside your resources
Search and match results on data stored inside a resource, not just the attached metadata.
Curate your results with reranking and filtering
Apply business rules to deliver a curated search experience that meets your business needs.
Optimize for your experience or workflow
Customize your UI to match your workflow, with support for a list of results or generative answers.
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Clinical Data Search
Health Content Search
Provider Management
Preferred Provider Navigation
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Find the right clinical data, right away

Elevate patient search and record lookup workflows, within your EMR or EHR.
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Clinical Data Search
Clinical Data Search
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Security & Governance, as standard

Scale with health-grade security

Clinia is committed to serving the rigorous needs of the health community. That means our technology is SOC2 compliant and FHIR-compatible, our API/infrastructure approach is multi-tenant and Cloud agnostic, and we secure data privacy with PHI masking.
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