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We are engineers, health professionals, and specialists from diverse backgrounds, united by our shared mission of powering individualized access to care, globally.

Damià Poquet Femenia


Maxime Cadrin

GRC Lead

Guillaume Poirier

GRC Lead & Technical Product Manager

Pascale Sylvestre

Backend Developer

Florent Legrand

Product Designer

Nadia Sheikh

NLP Developer

Anne-Laure Jousse

NLP Linguist

Olivier Rousseau

ML Developer

Iasmim Gonzalez

C# Developer

Radu Dumitru

Backend Developer

Dwayne Bradley-Tessier

Finance Director

Etienne Soulard Geoffrion

CTO - Cofounder

Elsa Giguère

People and Culture Lead

Simon Bédard

CEO - Cofounder

Nina Lamu Nima

Product Marketing Lead

Daniel Buades Marcos

Technical Lead - Search

Evgueni Petrusevich

Site Reliability Engineer

Carolyne Villiard-Michon

People & Culture Partner

William Bergeron-Drouin

Fullstack Developer

Félix La Rocque Carrier

Technical Account Manager & Cofounder

Marilou Farmer

Fullstack Developer

Michael Eggleton

Head of Product

Jesús Vélez Palacios

Site Reliability Developer

Jonathan Chansin

Backend Developer

Cinzia Ruberto

Director of Operations

Jean-Claude Koueiki

Business Development Manager, Europe

Our interns

At Clinia, we’re passionate about helping students expand their horizons in tech and build expertise in a real world environment.

Darryl Du

Software Developer Intern

Alice Rigg

NLP Developer Intern

Our rascals


Office Entertainer


Office Entertainer


Office Entertainer


Office Entertainer

Our advisors

John McDonald

Advisor - Strategy

Michel Bernier

Strategic Advisor - Insurance

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