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Meet the team

We are engineers, health professionals, and specialists from diverse backgrounds, united by our shared mission of powering individualized access to care, globally.

Iasmim Gonzalez

C# Developer

Guillaume Poirier

GRC Lead & Technical Product Manager

Jesús Vélez Palacios

Site Reliability Developer

Olivier Rousseau

ML Developer

Maxime Cadrin

GRC Lead

Anne-Laure Jousse

NLP Linguist

Daniel Buades Marcos

Technical Lead - Search

Pascale Sylvestre

Backend Developer

Michael Eggleton

Product Lead

Jonathan Chansin

Backend Developer

Elsa Giguère

People and Culture Lead

Félix La Rocque Carrier

Technical Account Manager & Cofounder

Etienne Soulard Geoffrion

CTO - Cofounder

Nadia Sheikh

NLP Developer

Damià Poquet Femenia


Simon Bédard

CEO - Cofounder

Radu Dumitru

Backend Developer

Marilou Farmer

Fullstack Developer

Jean-Claude Koueiki

Business Development Manager, Europe

Nina Lamu Nima

Product Marketing Lead

Dwayne Bradley-Tessier

Finance Director

Florent Legrand

Product Designer

William Bergeron-Drouin

Fullstack Developer

Cinzia Ruberto

Director of Operations

Carolyne Villiard-Michon

People & Culture Partner

Our interns

At Clinia, we’re passionate about helping students expand their horizons in tech and build expertise in a real world environment.

Darryl Du

Software Developer Intern

Alice Rigg

NLP Developer Intern

Our rascals


Office Entertainer


Office Entertainer


Office Entertainer


Office Entertainer

Our advisors

Michel Bernier

Strategic Advisor - Insurance

John McDonald

Advisor - Strategy

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