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Bulk API and Traversed Properties

Perform system operations in bulk and enable advanced, cross-relationship search use cases with these new tools.


Data Fabric

Added support for new fields and resource types

Support for new fields and resource types was added, available for select workspaces only.


Data FabricSearch

Filter by target population age ranges

Specify your search by indicating what target age group your resources should focus on.


Data FabricSearch

Filter by practitioner's gender and health sectors

Filter search results based on practitioner's gender; Select professions and overspecializations from a list to narrow your search results.


SearchData Fabric

Filter by population type

Assign target populations to health resources and filter search results based on these tags.


Data Fabric

Switch workspaces from within the Directory

With the addition of the workspace switcher, users can quickly access their other workspaces from within a single authenticated session.


Data Fabric

Review a list of resources within the Resource Table

Quickly search the Directory within the Resource Table - making fast review and resource editing more efficient.


Data Fabric

Check for any known practice restrictions on a resource

Easily confirm if any known practice restrictions exist on a professional, from directly inside the Resource Detail pane. Also offers positive confirmation if no restrictions have been found.


Data Fabric

Navigate health sectors and services within a resource more efficiently

Quickly review or search the full hierarchy of health sectors and services directly in the resource details; and navigate the resource details via breadcrumb navigation.


Data FabricSearch

Highlight search locations on the map

The search location is now highlighted on the map when performing location-based search queries so users can easily visualize the location; and the admin portal layout was revisited and simplified.


Data FabricSearch

Help Panel and improved query suggestions

Added a new Help Panel for quick access to relevant support guides; and improved query understanding for better