Data Fabric

Transform your data into organizational knowledge

Deploy Clinia’s Data Fabric to centralize your health profiles and clinical data into a unified view. Automate your data management workflows and empower downstream data applications with our secure API.

The single platform to manage your healthcare data automated, accurate, future-proof

Master data management platform

Manage your single source of truth

Break down data silos and create your single source of truth for your entire ecosystem, with a data management platform purpose built for health.

Connect diverse datasets from across your organization into a unified and centralized view. Manage all your health resources, information, and data, all within a single interface, with granular access controls across users and teams for effective data security.

Automated ingestion and processing

Accurate and up-to-date data, without the work

Automate ingestion review and data augmentation to reduce manual review workflows for your teams and data stewards.

Customize ingestion pipelines to apply rule-based matching, deduplication, and acceptance, and enrich existing datasets with geolocation and address validation, to automate and accelerate accurate data processing.

Secure API access

Unlock the power of your data

Power downstream applications, business intelligence tools, provider search workflows and patient navigation experiences, all from a single system.

Create data partitions for performant and controlled computed views of your master data, down to the source or attribute level. Connect your downstream systems via secure API access to their individual data partition, ensuring high availability and scalable performance with only the approved data accessible.

Getting started with Data Fabric

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