Data fabric built for health organizations

Unified data across your entire health ecosystem

Deploy Clinia Data Fabric to centralize a diverse range of health data, resources, and content into a singular unified and up-to-date view. Power real-time business systems, internal tools, and user experiences with seamless and secure API access.

Powered by Clinia infrastructure

Centralized, approved & up-to-date

Break down silos and create your own trusted fabric of resources, ready to power internal tools and external user experiences through secure API access.

Clinia fabric ingests, processes, and indexes diverse health datasets, to create a secure, unified view of your health ecosystem and the resources in your world. Real-time and asynchronous updates to datasets as well as validation from external sources ensures data remains accurate and up to date.

Unified data view

Centralize diverse datasets & resources

Centralize diverse datasets into a singular unified view of your system of record and health ecosystem. Manage approved and trusted resources, from first and third party sources.

Flexible data connectors

Accurate today. In-sync tomorrow.

Flexible data connectors allow ingestion and processing of data to create the unified view - but it doesn’t stop there. Real-time events and asynchronous updates continue to ensure data remains fresh and accurate over time, based on data type and defined refresh rate.

Data governance & Security

Safety first, at every step

Governance & data security is paramount within any healthcare organization - and organizations and their users can rest easy knowing our systems are SoC2 certified and FHIR compatible. Apply granular permission structures to ensure your teams and individuals can only access approved data.

Getting started with Clinia Fabric

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