Our mission is to facilitate access to health care for all

Clinia is a technology company that develops a search infrastructure for digital health systems. Companies of all sizes use our suite of tools to enable local search for healthcare resources.

We’re in it to make things better

Good health is the power to contribute to the betterment of society as a whole and a better future for all of us, and Clinia wants to help.

Every day, we harness our skills to help a complex ecosystem perform better. Every decision we make and every solution we create is designed in the interest of all, for the common good. The Clinia team is playing an active role in modernizing the healthcare system of tomorrow.

Solidarity is the key

Solidarity means thinking in the interest of all, acting for the common good, daring, innovating, whatever our role or function. It is by joining forces that we will succeed in making a real impact on access to health care for all; patients count on our collaboration.

The new healthcare search stack

Clinia combines a search platform with applications that place healthcare resource data at the heart of the operations of digital healthcare companies.


Sitting atop our search platform are applications that allow you to manage your own directory, collect structured data on your members and build a healthcare search experience.

Search Platform

At our core is a powerful search engine that optimizes healthcare navigation.


Our cloud-based infrastructure provides reliability, scalability, and security.

Removing the complexity

We work with health associations, online appointment scheduling systems and various digital companies so that businesses that use Clinia do not have to.

Montreal, Canada

Clinia's head office is located in Montreal. We are proud and fortunate to build our business here.


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