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Our people are what drive Clinia. Thanks to their dedication, vision and team efforts we've been able to help better the lives of thousands of patients and we continue to pursue that mission every day.

We’re a united team, driven by the motivation to make a difference by creating better, more accessible healthcare services worldwide.

Simon Bédard

CEO - Cofounder

Etienne Soulard Geoffrion

Tech Lead - Cofounder

Félix La Rocque Carrier

Data and Analytics Lead - Cofounder

Guillaume Poirier

GRC Lead, Software Developer

Florent Legrand

Product Designer

Cinzia Ruberto

Director, Clinia Network

Daniel Buades Marcos

Machine Learning Developer

Alexandre Duperré

Machine Learning Developer

Charles Gao

Data Acquisition Developer

Liz McConomy

Marketing Director

Jonathan Chansin

Data Developer

Olivier Rousseau

Machine Learning Developer

Isabelle Bastien

Healthcare Taxonomist

Jesús Vélez Palacios

Site Reliability Developer

Jamie Guerin

Project Manager

Elsa Giguère

Talents and Culture Partner

Vincent Dumouchel

Medical Director

Michel Bernier

Strategic Advisor - Insurance

John McDonald

Strategic Advisor


Intern, Office Entertainer


Intern, Office Entertainer


Intern, Office Entertainer


We are people just like you, doing all we can to accomplish out of the ordinary things.

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