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Today’s patients live in a world that’s more connected than ever and they expect gold standard online experiences everywhere they log on. The Clinia Search Engine capabilities deliver clinically personalized search results for every user.

Clinically Personalized Search

Provide the best results for patients searching directly within your platform with Clinia’s Health-AI Search Engine. Working closely with medical professionals, we built the Search API to leverage relevant signals for any query to deliver clinically accurate search results.

Knowledge Graph

The Clinia Knowledge Graph creates connections between patient signals and search terms. This allows us to provide unique and clinically personalized results for each query. Organizations can also apply any business rules that further ensure accuracy for the user and alignment with internal priorities and operations.

Key Features

Query Suggestions

Give your users the best search-query recommendations based on historical data and conversions.

Filters and Facets

Enable your users with powerful discovery capabilities by leveraging filtering and faceting functionalities.

Health-Dedicated Taxonomy

We improve our Health Language with a rigorous process that creates depth for every possible keyword - expanding the scope of searches against your dataset.

Typo Tolerance

Our search engine delivers relevant results, by leveraging advanced techniques, regardless of user errors with out-of-the-box typo tolerance.

Multilingual Support

The Clinia search engine analyzes your content based on its language for better precision and accuracy, enhancing the experience for native speakers. It is currently used in English and French and is constantly expanding.

We help you deploy at lightning speed

SDK, UX playbook, Sketch Files, Robust API documentation

SDK, UX playbook, Sketch Files, Robust API documentation

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