Health-grade Search API

Provide the right response, at the right time

Deploy Clinia’s scalable infrastructure within your ecosystems to give users a trusted way to discover and access your managed health resources, content, or actions, from inside your applications, portals, and experiences.

The Health AI-powered Search API, built for health workflows speed, quality, trust, managed

Hybrid AI Search

Better search, in your natural language

Find and access the right results or answers faster, with support for keyword and semantic understanding of health queries in natural language.

Our Hybrid Search is powered by vector embeddings and enriched with a health-specific knowledge graph and unified taxonomy, for rapid and accurate matching with the most relevant health resources and information.

Business Rules

Your user experience, your curated results

Apply your custom business logic to customize the order and display of results in your search experience.

Customize business rules for resources or user cohorts to rerank, filter or prioritize results, in line with your desired experience, operational partnerships, or organization goals in mind.

Health Personalization

Individual results, for each individual

Provide better intent understanding and resource matching based on the individual situation of each user.

Leverage first-party demographic, behavioural, and health data to deliver a n=1 health navigation experience with clinically-personalized results.

Getting started with Search API

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Add health-grade search to your experience