Data management

Better organization means better results

Clinia data-management tools empowers healthcare organizations to structure vital information of healthcare resources (establishments, professional and services) in better, more efficient, more accessible ways.

We made sense of the complexity

Healthcare systems are complex and building and maintaining a directory of resources is a tedious job. Thanks to our business rules, you'll be able to build specific profiles of establishments, organizations and professionals in a better, more structured manner covering a wide-array of attributes:

Type of resource: clinic, hospital, community resource, pharmacy ...
Home-care offering
Multiple and specific means of contacts: phones, email, fax
Multiple locations within a same group of clinics
Hospital departments
Care team practicing in a specific location and their specialty
Services offered
Custom fields and more!

Optimize data management

Build and collaborate on a centralized database specific to your organization.

It’s more than just a business locator

The Clinia search platform solution is a better way to optimize your resources… and your bottom line.

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