Health information search

Accelerate speed to answer, with accuracy as standard

Empower your users, providers, and clinicians to find, access, and share relevant and trusted health information faster. Rapidly find answers from content inside your documents, resources, and articles, for a seamless information search experience users love.

Streamline each search for answers and knowledge discovery

Deploy inside your current ecosystem

Embed Clinia’s API-first search infrastructure in your application, portal or experience to enable health-grade search on a wide range of content, such as articles, videos, or PDFs, making it easy for your providers to leverage the existing sources.

Understand better, search faster

Clinia’s Health-grade Search API supports semantic understanding and matching on the actual content inside a file, document, or resource, making it quicker and easier to find the exact information, resources, or answers they need.

Enhance user satisfaction and prevent churn

Clinia’s technology empowers providers to rapidly access precise and personalized healthcare information, streamlining their workflow and surpassing conventional search speeds. This largely increases provider efficiency and satisfaction, which in turn promotes loyalty and recurrent use of your service, reinforcing your brand’s value and market position.

Add health-grade search to your experience