Unified provider management

Streamline workflows, in a single platform

Reduce manual data review and processing and speed up provider workflows, with a single unified provider registry platform, purpose built for health data. Unify complex multi-source provider datasets and unlock the full potential of your proprietary data.

Make manual workflows a job of the past

Manage all your data in one place

No more uncertainty about data freshness, worries about version status, or concerns about data security. Clinia provides a fully-integrated platform to manage your data with ease. With our intuitive UI, searching, filtering, reviewing, and finding data within your ecosystem is simple and secure.

Less busy work, for all

Unify multiple data sources and create a single source of truth across the entire organization. Automate ingestion review and data augmentation to reduce manual review workflows for your teams, clinicians, and data stewards.

Unlock the value of your data

Deploy a future-proof master data store, ready to power the data needs of your organization today and scale to the demands of tomorrow. When new requirements or opportunities arise, create a new computed view from selected attributes and data sources, to power applications and systems via secure API access, or deploy our Health-grade Search API to power search & navigation experiences.

Put your data to work for your
users and teams