Clinical data search

Find the right clinical data, right away

Provide your team with faster access to the right clinical insights they are looking for, with semantic search on your clinical data. Search inside a specific patient’s health records and reports, or rapidly review and segment a specific cohort within your patient population.

Unleash your clinical records and supercharge your care team

The ultimate EMR sidekick

Deploy Health-grade Search directly into your existing application, to complement existing EMR workflows and unlock your clinical data without the need for users to adapt or add a new application.

Dive deeper on every search

Seamlessly search on the content inside clinical records, files, and reports, rather than a simple metadata match. This ensures each search finds and surfaces the most relevant data, and greatly reduces time to answer in clinical workflows.

Minimize time, maximize efficiency

Clinia’s Health-grade Search API supports natural language queries through our Hybrid AI Search feature, eliminating the need for complex query formulations. This means healthcare providers can search using everyday language, making it quicker and easier to find the exact information needed without specialized training or search skills.

Add health-grade search to your experience